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The Annual Meeting of the Somerset Churches Trust

Details of the forthcoming Annual Meeting are shown here.

We look forward to meeting you.

The Trust would love to have the email contact details for all their members so if it is possible, please do let us have your email details for ease of communication.

Your name, address and email address should be sent to

Thank you!

Sedgemoor Church Crawl

Last month Somerset Churches Trust Treasurer, Tony Davies, led a Church Crawl which was very much enjoyed by a group of church enthusiasts on a day where the weather held up admirably. We show here some images taken on the day by fellow Trustee Emma Brown. Our thanks go to Tony for arranging such a successful day.

Ride+Stride 2022 is here this weekend!

Somerset Churches and Chapels can all benefit from the monies raised during an active Ride+Stride event, traditionally held in September. Let this Saturday September 10th be no different and now is the time to be sure you are organised with your family and friends and fellow churchgoers to have a healthy outdoor event when visiting local places of worship. This can help raise valuable funds to assist and secure our immense county heritage.

Posters advertising this event along with Sponsorship Forms and Remittance Forms are now available to download along with a full suite of supporting documentation.

Good Luck everybody!

January Newsletter from our Chairman

This month SCT Chairman, Axel Palmer, visits Exmoor and a remote church in Nettlecombe. Information aplenty too about how to research and study our rich heritage vested in ecclesiastical buildings, and more resources listed as now available online for us all. Simply click here