About ride+stride

Date for 2023 – Saturday 9th September

This is Somerset Churches Trust’s most important fund raising event to help raise much needed funds for our chapels and churches. Take part in a sponsored bike ride, walk, horse ride or even drive between the historic churches and chapels of Somerset, enjoying the countryside and exploring the beautiful buildings along the way. It takes place every year on the second Saturday in September.

It is part of the much wider National Churches Trust annual Ride+Stride event with county trusts organising events across the country. The money raised helps to repair churches, chapels and meeting houses throughout England.

Planning is well underway and the promotional poster along with other documentation is available here for download. Everything you need to involve your church or chapel is here to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Donate now via gofundme

How does it work

Simply view our participating churches, choose your route and download your sponsorship form or fundraise via GoFundMe.

Take Part!

Anyone can take part, from individuals and families to organisations such as walking or cycling groups.

Ride+Stride FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the accordion below and click on the questions to view the relevant answers.

The original intention of this event was for walkers and cyclists to raise money through sponsorship. Many of our members and supporters now find it difficult to participate in this way. Cars therefore may be used but you must check with your motor insurers that you are covered for this event. You can still be sponsored or make a donation to take part.

If you can’t make Saturday 11th September then you may undertake your walk or ride on any day from Saturday 4th September to Sunday 19th September.

If requested, half of the money raised (but not entry fees) is returned to the church, chapel or registered charity nominated by the individual participant and the other half goes to Somerset Churches Trust. If you wish the entire amount can be given to Somerset Churches Trust which then awards grants to churches applying for help with repairs. Since 1996 the Trust has given over £750,000 to over 400 churches.

As well as churches and chapels taking part, participants may nominate any Registered Charity to receive the 50% return of sponsorship money collected. Alternatively, if you wish to give all the money raised to the Trust, individual participants or groups are very welcome to take part with 100% of sponsorship raised being for the benefit of Somerset Churches Trust.

In order to claim gift aid on sponsorship or any other donation the sponsor or person making the donation must be a UK income or capital gains taxpayer. They must pay an amount on income tax and/or capital gains tax in the tax year at least equal to the amount of tax that all the charities and community amateur sports clubs they donate to will reclaim on their gifts for that tax year. Other taxes such as VAT and council tax do not qualify. Somerset Churches Trust will reclaim 25p of tax on every £1 that is given.

Whilst it is not a legal or insurance requirement, if you are organising an event involving a large group of people, particularly where children are taking part, you should carry out some form of risk assessment just to ensure that your day goes off smoothly and without mishap. To make this easy we have produced a generic risk assessment covering cycling, walks, horse riding and vehicles. You do not have to follow this to the letter but use this as the basis for your own individual event and tailor it as you think reasonable commensurate with the hazards on your route. Download Risk Assessment

Get involved!

This is a great opportunity to visit churches and chapels that you may not have been to before and to have a wonderful day out. We do hope you will be with us on the day when nationally we raise over £1.3 million for thousands of churches and chapels across the country. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Donate now via gofundme

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us.